Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chan Ho Park Heartbroken: What's Really Wrong with the Phillies Pitcher

by Flattish Poe

On Saturday the Phillies won a double-header in route to a series sweep, and a filly ran the Preakness in route to a sweep of the field.

What’s the difference?

Nothing really, until you look at the failure of Chan Ho Park.

Something has to be true about Chan Ho: he has to have something that comes close to resembling an intangible phenomenon called “talent.” The MLB didn’t go all the way to South Korea to get a pitching prospect because we lack talent right here in the US.

Something had to catch someone’s eye and I’m sure it wasn’t because they had money burning a hole in their pocket. Even Charlie Manuel doesn’t look at a prospect and say, “Does he wanna make a load of dough?”

No. He says, “Does he have talent?”

Because Charlie says, “If you don’t, it’ll be an uphill battle,” (only he won’t say it clearly and he’ll stutter a bit, but you get my point).

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