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Philadelphia Phillies Jewelry – Make a fashions statement the Phillies way

Philadelphia Phillies Jewelry

is ageless. The jewelry whose central theme revolves around your favorite team is both ageless and absolutely priceless. Its not only rock stars who are after bling, sports fans are also gung-ho about jewelry. A glance at the fabulously designed Philadelphia Phillies jewelry and you will know why fans can’t do without owning at least one of these beauties.

Philadelphia Phillies Earrings

Philadelphia Phillies Earrings
Earrings are one of the popular buys, when it comes to Philadelphia Phillies jewelry. A combination of interesting design, team logo, team name, and striking visual appeal make these earrings a joy to wear. They are one of the subtler ways of showing team support. Earrings are also a great gift idea for that special someone. It really does not matter whether that person is a supporter of the Philadelphia Phillies or not. There is no doubt that the earrings will be an instant hit.

Philadelphia Phillies Watches

Philadelphia Phillies Watches
Time waits for no one. But the watches from the Philadelphia Phillies Jewelry armory have the capacity to bring time to a standstill. Such is their beauty, grace and all round visual appeal. Watches are completely functional products and very useful. They can be worn daily and suit all kinds of personalities and dress senses. Philadelphia Phillies watches display the Phillies logo and team colors, which means that day in, day out you are going to support your favorite team.

Philadelphia Phillies Rings and Toe Rings

Philadelphia Phillies Rings and Toe RingsLooking for something unique? Why not give the rings and toe rings a look into? This kind of Philadelphia Phillies jewelry is to die for. Though not large in size, they have a tremendous impact. These small Philadelphia Phillies jewelry items truly have a big heart, very much like the team that it represents. If you are one of those fans, who are not too keen on blatantly advertising your support for the Philadelphia Phillies then rings and toe rings are the perfect option for you.

Philadelphia Phillies Jewelry is fast climbing the popularity charts when it comes to Phillies sports merchandise. When you go through the huge list of options, you will know the reason why.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Ornaments - Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Decorative Ornaments

Buy Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Decorative Ornaments Online at

Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Sweet Home Decorative Ornament

Price: $33.95
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Philadelphia Phillies Christmas 3in. 'New' All Star Light-up Snowman

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Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Silver Coin Ornament

Price: $23.95
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Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Bobbin 2pk. Decorative Ornament

Price: $29.95
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Philadelphia Phillies Christmas 3in. Caucasian Slugger

Price: $19.95
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Philadelphia Phillies merchandise

The Philadelphia Phillies are a popular MLB team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The team holds the reputation for being the oldest continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of professional American sports. Naturally, there is a huge demand for Philadelphia Phillies merchandise with a number of Philadelphia Phillies best sellers such as Philadelphia Phillies jewelry and Philadelphia Phillies accessories. Just as the game season starts, all popular online sports merchandise outlets such as the diehardfans witness a terrific demand for Philadelphia Phillies merchandise including Philadelphia Phillies jewelry, Philadelphia Phillies accessories and other Philadelphia Phillies best sellers such as tailgating merchandise, gifts, auto accessories, jerseys, and caps etc.

Philadelphia Phillies jewelry
Passionate fans of the team love to sport Philadelphia Phillies merchandise, Philadelphia Phillies accessories and Philadelphia Phillies jewelry during the game season. Stylish Philadelphia Phillies jewelry items bearing the official logo of the team helps fans to exhibit their passion for their favorite team and also to look stylish and sophisticated. Some of the most popular Philadelphia Phillies jewelry merchandise includes wrist watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and toe rings. While most Philadelphia Phillies jewelry items available at diehardfans are unisex, men who don’t like the idea of wearing Philadelphia Phillies jewelry may certainly give exotic Philadelphia Phillies jewelry and Philadelphia Phillies merchandise to their female friends. They will certainly love those!

Philadelphia Phillies accessories
Philadelphia Phillies accessories are certainly one of the most sought after Philadelphia Phillies merchandise. Young fans who are always on the look out for stylish products will surely love the impressive range of Philadelphia Phillies accessories at the diehardfans website. The collection features extraordinarily stylish Philadelphia Phillies accessories such as key chains, sunglasses, wallets, neck ties, bottle openers, buckles, wallets, money clips, purses, bags, totes and many other officially licensed Philadelphia Phillies accessories, all of which proudly display the official logo of the team.

Philadelphia Phillies best sellers
There is wide range of other Philadelphia Phillies merchandise that is always in demand by the fans. Some of the all time Philadelphia Phillies best sellers merchandise includes jerseys and headwear such as caps, beanies and helmets. Fans are also crazy for terrific tailgating merchandise such as tankard sets, exotic glass sets, tumblers, wine bottle topper sets, bottle cork sets, mugs, can coolers, thermos’s, stainless steel flasks, traditions pennants and golf putting green mats bearing the official Philadelphia Phillies logo. Those who wish to send Philadelphia Phillies merchandise may check out memorabilia, coin sets and exotic gift boxes at the diehardfans website.

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Looking for Philadelphia Phillies merchandise?

Ever since the Philadelphia Phillies last won the baseball World Series title in October 2008, the demand for official Philadelphia Phillies merchandise has increased among fans. Most fans get closer to the team by sporting official Philadelphia Phillies merchandise in the form of home and décor products, furniture, kitchen accessories, and many more choices that can fit into every part of their life.

Like a true fan of the team, you can accessorize your office, home, kitchen, and even outdoor spaces with the official Philadelphia Phillies merchandise now available in various categories like home and office décor products, home furniture and kitchen accessories. By searching online for Philadelphia Phillies merchandise you can come across websites that provide brief and helpful descriptions on every product. These products can be designed for home and décor purposes, home furniture, or kitchen accessories. Most consider buying online to be the smartest way to own Philadelphia Phillies merchandise.

Home and office décor products

The home and office décor Philadelphia Phillies merchandise section has some attractive choices for true sports fans. This is a simple and effective method of demonstrating your support for your favorite team.

Some of the attractive choices of "Philadelphia Phillies merchandise" include the Phillies Logo Magnet set, the Phillies Home Run Snowman Night Light, the Phillies Grand Slam Night Light, the Phillies Light Up Musical Snowman and the Phillies Wooden Hanger. These exclusive and outstanding products are all available online.

Philadelphia Phillies Furniture

Furniture can change the outlook of the interior of your home. The furniture products of the Philadelphia Phillies are homely and very stylish. Some of the furniture products include the Phillies Cube Ottoman, the Phillies Video Chair, the Phillies Kids’ Recliner, the Phillies Embroidered Appliqué Big Daddy Recliner, and many other products that show off your support for the team.

Philadelphia Phillies Kitchen accessories

When you are in your kitchen, feel closer to your favorite Philadelphia Phillies team by adding some official accessories. The kitchen accessories are available in some attractive options which include the Phillies Logo Tabletop Trio, the Phillies Barbeque Apron, the Phillies Glass Cutting Board set, and many more great kitchen accessories.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Phillies gift guide

If you are a true sports fan looking for a fine selection of Philadelphia Phillies memorabilia, you will not want to miss out on any of the new exciting Phillies Christmas gifts available from You can buy gifts for yourself or for your fellow sports lovers at in time for the festive season.

If you’re at home watching your favorite team playing in a MLB game with your friends, or planning a big party with your family, go all out and make those occasions that little bit more special by buying new Philadelphia Phillies gifts. You can set the mood and get everyone into the spirit with an awesome range of Phillies gifts that are also available online.

Important celebrations such as Christmas day or Father’s day are a great time for you to give away gifts to your loved ones. If your loved ones are sports lovers, why not give them Christmas gifts that are personalized with the official logo of the Phillies. Although Christmas gifts are cherished by all, you can also give away memorabilia or other Phillies gifts that are meant for big days in your life. Philadelphia Phillies Christmas gifts personalized with the official logo of the Phillies team are available in all licensed sports stores or online.

Christmas doesn’t have to be the only time of year that we give our loved ones gifts. There are opportunities for gifts on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and the holiday season. There can’t be a better choice than the Phillies gifts to present to your loved ones, who may also be diehard fans of the Phillies MLB team.

A huge choice of Phillies gifts and memorabilia can be found in any sports store or online. Some fine examples include the Chase Utley Highlight Collection Infield Dirt Coin Photo Mint, Philadelphia Phillies Silver Coin Ornament, Phillies Double Ornament Set, Phillies Logo Baseball, Phillies Laser Etched Ornament, amongst many other excellent Phillies gifts and memorabilia items. You can also give away these gifts and memorabilia as Christmas gifts to your fellow sports lovers during the festive season.

Buying Phillies gifts or memorabilia as a fan can be fun and entertaining, as the list of gift items is long and endless. You can usually find something for everyone, whether it’s Christmas gifts or Father’s day gifts, as these gifts and memorabilia are for all occasions.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Gifts

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Philadelphia Phillies Plush Snowflake Friend

Price: $21.95
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Philadelphia Phillies Santa's Friend

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Philadelphia Phillies 2 3/4in. Acrylic Striped Baseball Snowman

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Philadelphia Phillies 20in. Snowman Christmas Wreath

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Philadelphia Phillies 9in. Animated Snowman

Price: $25.95
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Philadelphia Phillies MLB Gifts

Philadelphia Phillies Gifts

Amongst our lavish series of Phillies gifts, there are various disparate products available, ranging from home décor, to replica jerseys. In addition, there are a host of commemorative pieces as well as items of memorabilia. At DHF we cater for all your Phillies needs!

Phillies Valentine’s gifts

Display your affections this Valentines with any of our Phillies Valentine's gifts. In order to focus on your love affair with the Phillies you must take into account your loved ones this February 14th, and what better way than with any of the following, awesome gift ideas:

  • Phillies 'I Heart P' 1/2inch Enameled Pendant - Let everybody know which team has your heart, quite literally with this 14K gold, sterling silver and gold plated silver pendant, cast from precious metals with a hand crafted finish.

  • Phillies 'I Heart P' 3/4inch Pendant - Also available in 14K gold, sterling, silver, gold plated silver, and cast from precious metals by hand, this larger pendant is perhaps the perfect gift for the lady in your life, expressing your love for a special woman, and secretly doubling her up as a walking endorsement for the beloved Phillies. However, perhaps that is between us at DHF and yourself.

  • Phillies Portrait Picture Frame – A photo of you and your partner together is perhaps one of the most romantic mementoes. Furthermore, why not add the finishing touches to the portrait with a beautiful Phillies landscape, matted photo frame, comprised of genuine Phillies colors and logo. Made with a gorgeous stained wooden design, and measuring at 10 inches tall, and 8 inches wide, this is perhaps the ideal gift this Valentines. Alternatively, they say a picture tells a thousand stories, and why not tell the tale of your passion for the Phillies with a picture of your favorite player?

Phillies Collectable memorabilia - Philadelphia Phillies Merchandise

Any real fan has a healthy collection of Phillies memorabilia and at Die Hard Fans we have an awesome range of products available including the:

Phillies Tradition Pennant – A must have for any Phillies fan, the awesome Phillies MLB traditions pennant is hand crafted, and perfected for the wall of any Phillies supporter.

In addition, our replica jerseys are perhaps the closest that many hard core fans will get to being a player, and what better way to show your support for the beloved Phillies. Furthermore, why not purchase our Ryan Hardy replica jersey. The button down front shirt is consists of authentic lettering and Phillies logo. 100% polyester the replica jersey is complete with each major player’s name.

We have a number of other authentic jerseys including:

  • Philadelphia Phillies Home White/Scarlet Replica Jersey- With white mesh and 100% polyester.

  • Philadelphia Phillies Road Grey Replica Jersey – Officially licensed by MLB
  • Philadelphia Phillies Cooperstown Throwback Fan Replica Jersey –This royal blue shirt with official logo and lettering is made of 100% Polly/cotton.

Phillies Decorative Ornaments – MLB Shop

The home of a Phillies fan is his or her MLB castle, and the only way to decorate in homage of the greatest team is through any of our range of cool products, including:

Phillies Table Tiffany Lamp – Shed some light on your passion for the Phillies, with this certified, authentic Philadelphia Phillies stained glass lamp, standing at over two feet tall (14 inches). This statuesque decorative ornament is the perfect addition to any living room. Consisting of the Phillies team colors and logo the product is crafted in stunning detail.

Phillies 12 inch art glass clock – With this quirky product, you will always have time for the Phillies in your house. Made with a hologram like glass, the product also features the official Phillies logo. With intricately designed hands and measuring at 12 inches in diameter, this piece can be used to decorate any office.

Phillies MLB gift ideas – MLB Merchandise

At Die Hard Fans we have a whole host of products available for purchase, either as gifts for loved ones. Our gift ideas range from home decorations, children’s toys, office decorative items to jerseys. Following Valentines traditions, take your loved ones out, wine, perhaps dine, and when the moment is right, gift them with any one of our gorgeous, top quality and value for money products. Our prices are extremely affordable. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you can befit from any of our Phillies MLB gift ideas and suggestions, including the following:
  • Phillies 'I Heart P' 1/2inch Enameled Pendant - Express, quite literally with this 14K gold, sterling silver and gold plated silver pendant, cast from precious metals with a hand crafted finish. Perhaps the perfect present for the special person in your life, and possibly an even greater way to display your passion for the great team on the planet, the Phillies!

  • Philadelphia Phillies Personalized Youth Pinstripe Replica Jersey – Perhaps the ideal gift for any young Phillies fan, you can place their name at the back of the jersey. Made from 100% polyester, the replica shirt incorporates the official Phillies logo and team colors. The ideal gift for any youngster to wear on the field, or perhaps to impress their buddies.
  • Patriots Logo Pendant – In addition to our copious range of Phillies MLB Gift ideas, this cool pendant is sure to score you extra points this Valentines. Engraved in 3D detail, this product is also one of our many awesome sports memorabilia’s.

A Phillies fan is a true fan and at DHF we have an extensive range of Phillies MLB Gift Ideas, including :

Phillies Polyester Woven Tie – A perfect gift for the gentleman Phillies fan. With its Woven design, this piece if Phillies sports memorabilia can be work on match days or perhaps to dinner. Its smart and stylish design allows for flexibility.

  • Phillies Embroided Appliqué Twin Headboard - Crafted to perfection, this officially licensed Philadelphia Phillies headboard allows you to ‘sleep with the Phillies’ and dream of your passion. Complete with official team colors and logo, the soft cushioning makes it the ideal addition to the bedroom of a young Phillies fan. This item sits at the top end of our cool sports memorabilia’s and awesome MLB Phillies gift ideas.

We have a host of NFL gifts, readily available for purchase online, and all at affordable prices. Great NFL gifts online include:

The Highland Mint Commerative set – This 24kt gold super bowl XI flip coins serve to commemorate each and every super bowl of years gone by. Each coin is individually numbered, featuring the Super Bowl logo, with the year and date of the event. Undoubtedly a valuable collectable for the future, the product is essentially a combination of a gorgeous mirrored and frosted finish.

Manning Generations Photo Mint - The Highland Mint presents the Manning Generations, a gorgeous and decorative commemoration of the Manning football family, with a limited edition photo featuring Archie, Peyton and Eli, with doubled matted design with pigskin, framed alongside the respective team coins. This extremely artistic piece measures at 8x10 and is one of the more popular NFL gifts that are available online for purchase. In addition, this member of the NFL Football Team logo accessories.

Furthermore, we have an extensive range of NFL football team accessories available online, including a large number of Valentines gifts. These include:

  • Cardinals 'I Heart Card Head'.5inch Enameled Pendant – Perhaps treat the lady in your life with this stylish NFL Football team logo accessory in the form of the Cardinals 5inch enameled pendant. From LogoArt, available in 14K Gold, sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, the gorgeous detail and finish adds a real touch of finesse. Perfect for match of days or simply an accessory, this cheeky homage to one of the greatest teams to play on God’s green acre, doubles up as the ideal gift this valentines.

  • Patriots 4 in 1 Jewelry box – would you like to see a little less jewelry scattered around the bedroom? Are your partner’s possessions beginning to swallow the room, then why not purchase this gorgeous 4 in 1 jewelry box this Valentines? The product doubles up as a direct solution for your storage woes, as well as a gorgeous gift for the lady in your life. The ‘King’ themed box has been finely crafted, and incorporates a plate, that displays a red heart with the King’s iconic signature, thus making it a value for money NFL football logo accessory. Lined with a beautiful soft material, this gift is not only stylish, but extremely efficient in terms of functionality, with a removable jewelry tray including a specifically designed ring section.

  • Patriots Flashing earrings – Why not leave her grinning from ear to ear with these fantastically gorgeous Patriots earrings. Ideal as a gift this valentines and yet another sneaky way to show your own support for the one and only Patriots, through the one and only lady in your life!

At DHF, customers are spoiled for choice in terms of NFL Valentine’s gifts, including an array of Sports Charms and Jewelry and NFL Football Team Logo Fashion Accessories including:

  • Raiders Logo Pendant - Engraved beautifully in 3D, this cool pendant is a popular item in our range of Sports Charms and Jewelry. A subtle but effective way to show how much you care this valentines, the sports fan in your life are bound to love this one, leaving you to score big this Valentines!

  • Eagles Pewter Pendant & Earrings – This cool double whammy set, incorporating Sports Charms and Jewelry, is the perfect NFL Valentines gifts, readily available online for purchase. Perhaps you are buying for the man in your life, thus allowing him to show his support for the Eagles. In addition, the Eagles Pewter Pendant with Leather necklace and Earrings set, is comprised of enameled zinc, and shaped in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles emblem. This cool NFL Football team logo accessory also adorns the official team colors making it the ideal Valentines gift ideas.

  • Giants Leather Necklace & Pewter Pendant – This officially licensed New York Giants Leather Necklace & Pewter Pendant is basic yet effective in terms of your display of support for the one and only New York Giants. Are you getting it in the neck from your partner about the amount of attention you are paying to NFL, then simply put it on her neck, and give her this gorgeous item comprised of sports charms and jewelry and score some real points this coming Valentines.

  • Raiders Player Series watch – Have the time of your life this coming Raiders game, with the all new Raiders player series watch. Fully licensed, the Oakland Raiders player series watch is comprised of top quality chrome, featuring the official Oakland Raiders logo toward the middle of the watch face. Complete with leather band, this watch allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve through the watch upon your wrist. Perhaps an ideal gift for the avid Raiders fan in your life this valentines, these NFL Football Team Logo accessories are the ideal Valentines gift ideas. In addition, the product features :

.Officially Licensed Team Logo and Colors

• Leather Strap – for secure comfort

• Citizen Quartz movement

• Water Resistant to 3 ATM

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Furthermore, additional Valentines gift ideas include:

  • Broncos ‘I Heart Logo’ ¾ Inch Pendant – With Valentines around the corner, show the love of your life how much you care. Of course you can’t buy the Broncos a present, but the next best thing would be to purchase this gorgeous pendant for your loved one. Allow her to display your passion for the Broncos, while you show your love for her. Available in 14K Gold, 10K Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated sterling silver, this awesome product within the copious sports charms and jewelry is the ideal gift.

  • Redskins Logo Heart Pendant – Also available in 10K Gold, 14K Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Sterling silver, this NFL Football team Logo accessory is perfect for any avid NFL fan, and at such a competitive price, they are guaranteed to touch down this Valentines, scoring maximum points for loved ones.

Monday, August 24, 2009

NY Mets, Phillies Rivarly Never Gets Old

by Kevin Whitehead

About 100 miles away from New York and Philadelphia, there is a grudge between the scripted Mets logo and the star spangled Phillies. They just don't mix.

In 2006, New York won the season series 11-7 and finished 12 games ahead of the second place Phillies. This was the first time both teams we're legitimate contenders until the latter part of the season.

The Mets went all the way to the National League Championship Series but lost to the eventual World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Little did the Mets know that the game ending 12-6 curveball from closer Adam Wainwright was the last sniff of the postseason they would get for the next two years.

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Philadelphia Phillies Mighty in Sweep of Arizona Diamondbacks

by Kevin McGuire

How else would you expect the Phillies to put the exclamation point on a series like the one they just played against the Diamondbacks? The Phillies flexed their muscle in the three game set and completed a sweep of the dismal Diamondbacks with a dominating 12-3 defeat of Arizona.

The offense wasted no time giving starting pitcher Joe Blanton a lead to work with. After Blanton put the Diamondbacks down in order to start the game Shane Victorino put the wheels in motion with a one out triple to deep center field.

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How Will This Season End?

by Scott Eisenlohr

Remember the 2007 Colorado Rockies? As a Phillies fan, you will not forget.

They won 21 of 22 games in September to win the Wild Card, then swept the Phillies in three games and swept the Diamondbacks in four games.

What happened in the World Series? They got swept by the Boston Red Sox, who beat the Cleveland Indians in seven games in the ALCS.

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Philadelphia Phillies beat Arizona Diamondbacks 8-1

by Kevin McGuire

For the second time since joining the Phillies, Cliff Lee pitched a gem, resulting in a two-hit, no earned runs complete game, handing the Phillies a stress-free victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Just for good measure, Lee tacked on a pair of base hits to make up for the two hits he allowed in the game.

The rest of the Phillies' offense was not too shabby, either. Jayson Werth hit a pair of home runs, with the first bouncing off the brick ivy-covered wall in center field. Chase Utley got the scoring started in the third inning with a two-run shot off of Diamondbacks starter Dan Haren.

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Phillies & Eagles support our troops

by Tamara Kells

In July, I ran a story about Ricky Alvaro, a reader’s son. He had been deployed to Iraq, & is in a mobile unit. Conditions there are Spartan, at best. The article was about homeschoolers coming together to send care packages. However, that was just a small piece of the story.

When Rick’s mom asked him what he wanted friends & family to send, his request was both unusual & touching. Rather than the normal request for creature comforts, his greatest wish was DVDs of his beloved Philadelphia Phillies. That, & his glove & ball.

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Atlanta Braves Take Game Two In Must Win Series Against Phillies

by Kevin Markum

The Braves are playing great baseball, there is no doubts of that. Had they have played this well all season, the Braves would easily be in first place in the tough NL East division race.

However, entering Saturday night's game, the Braves had fallen six games out of first place. While the Braves have been playing at a high level lately, it's going to take playing at a very high level to gain ground on the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Omar Infante can give the Braves that chance. Not to bad for a utility man huh?

Infante was the hero tonight in a must win game against the Phillies. His bases loaded single off of the devastating Brad Lidge in the bottom of the ninth inning was a game winning shot. Welcome back Omar Infante.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Florida Marlins aware stakes high in series against Philadelphia Phillies


After getting swept by the last-place Nationals on Thursday, the Marlins didn't need a reminder about what's at stake tonight when they open a three-game series against the Phillies.

The Marlins are seven games behind the Phillies in the division and five back in the wild-card race.

"If there's a time to respond and bounce back, it's right now because we can walk out of Philadelphia 10 games out of the race and that's not where we want to be," catcher John Baker said. "It's a very important series for us and it comes at the right time to lock us back in."

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Florida Marlins' series in Philadelphia takes on crucial status


By the end of the day Sunday, the season could be all but over for the Marlins.

And they know it.

After being swept by the last-place Washington Nationals, the Marlins moved on to Philadelphia for a must-win series that could leave them on life support.

The Marlins now trail the Phillies by seven games in the National League East and the San Francisco Giants by five games in the wild-card race.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Phillies Fans: Always Faithful

by Schmitters

Yesterday, I went to the Red Sox-Orioles game in Baltimore. It was my first time going to Camden Yards, and I had a fun time.

I didn’t go because I’m a Red Sox fan or an Orioles fan. I went because I have a goal to visit every Major League Baseball stadium. It will be a fun goal to reach.

But I noticed a few things at the game.

1. The Orioles don’t have a very large fan base.
2. There were more Red Sox fans than Orioles fans.
3. Red Sox fans are loud.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Phillies Jerseys

Our replica jerseys are perhaps the next best thing to being on the field or simply a way to pay your respects to the football playing sports gods of Philadelphia. In relation, why not purchase our Ryan Hardy replica jersey. The button down front shirt is comprised of official lettering and Phillies logo. Made of 100% polyester the replica jersey is complete with each major player’s name.

Furthermore, we have a number of other Phillies jerseys including:

• Philadelphia Phillies Home White/Scarlet Replica Jersey- made up of a white mesh and 100% polyester.

• Philadelphia Phillies Road Grey Replica Jersey – Officially licensed by MLB

• Philadelphia Phillies Cooperstown Throwback Fan Replica Jersey –from Majestic’s Cooperstown collection, this royal blue shirt with official logo and lettering is made of 100% Polly/cotton. The comfortable garment is an ideal gift. In addition, it is a great way to show your support.

Philadelphia Phillies Watches

Enjoy your ‘time’ at the game this season with any one of our range of cool wrist and clip on Phillies watches. Our Official Phillies Coaches watch is complete with a top quality chrome finish and authentic logo. In addition, the stylish leather band allows it to sit comfortably on your wrist. Further with water proof components, allowing up to 5 ATM, this is the perfect gift for any Phillies fan in your life.

Philadelphia Phillies Merchandise

Recognizing the importance of a good memorabilia collection, in the life of any Die Hard Phillies Fan, we have an extremely copious range of merchandise on offer. Our products range from sofas, to jewelry and even lunch boxes, why not take a look and see what takes your fancy.

Philadelphia Phillies Apparel Accessories

We have an ample range of Philadelphia Apparel merchandise, readily available for purchase including the:

• Fully licensed MLB V3 mobile phone case – This product will make you a dead ringer for dedication to your team. Officially licensed is sleek in design this versatile product is ideal for the sports fan who is always on the move

Friday, July 24, 2009

MLB Shop MLB Merchandise MLB Accessories MLB Jerseys - Shop MLB

If you have been rummaging around the local sports shop for the best MLB accessories, unique MLB watches and authentic MLB jerseys, but haven’t found what you really want and at a reasonable price, it’s about time you turn to the internet MLB shops. These shops offer authentic and licensed MLB merchandise at unbelievable prices. So what are you waiting for? Just a few clicks and you will be on your way to MLB paradise with lots or merchandise.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Phillies have unusual cushion in NL East

By Alden Gonzalez

The Phillies came into the second game of a four-game series against the Marlins at Land Shark Stadium on Friday with a level of easiness they haven't felt the last couple of years.

In winning back-to-back National League East crowns, Philadelphia has been in tight races and needed to get hot -- smoking hot -- in the last couple of months of the regular season to pull off an automatic trip to the postseason.

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First Half Report Card: Outfielders

by Kevin McGuire

On the final day of the break for the Phillies, we finish up by assessing the outfielders. Things have been pretty stable in the outfield as the Phillies sent their entire starting outfield to St. Louis for the all star game. The backups are not bad either.

Raul Ibanez, Left Field
.309 AVG, 80 H, 22 HR, 60 RBI

When Pat Burrell left the Phillies the fan support was so overwhelming for the long-time Phillie that the addition of Raul Ibanez was initially met with mediocre response. Some fans wanted the Phillies to make a push for Manny Ramirez if they were not going to bring back Burrell.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Phillies reportedly ink PedrPhillies reportedly ink Pedro Martinez to one-year dealo Martinez to one-year deal

The defending champion Philadelphia Phillies have reportedly signed veteran right-hander Pedro Martinez.

Baseball sources told that the one-year pact is worth about $1 million, plus another $1.5 million in incentives. A news conference in Philadelphia is scheduled for Wednesday. The eight-time All-Star will need to make at least a few starts in the minors before joining Philadelphia's depleted rotation. He was 5-6 with a 5.61 earned-run average for the New York Mets last year and pitched in the World Baseball Classic before this season.

After pitching twice in front of Phillies brass last week, Martinez underwent, and reportedly passed, a physical on Tuesday.

Count Commissioner Bud Selig among those who didn't think it was fair the Dodgers' Manny Ramirez was able to play in the minor leagues while serving a 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Physical final step for Pedro Martinez to join Phils

By Todd Zolecki

The only thing standing between Pedro and the Phillies is a physical.

A baseball source said Monday that Pedro Martinez will arrive in Philadelphia from the Dominican Republic on Monday night. He is scheduled to take a physical Tuesday morning. If he passes the physical, he could be introduced at a news conference Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park.

Martinez, 37, has not pitched in the Majors since last season, when he went 5-6 with a 5.61 ERA with the Mets. But Martinez impressed Phillies scouts last week during two simulated games at the team's baseball academy in the Dominican.

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Phillies' 2009 Midseason Review

by Christian Karcole

Nearly two weeks prior to my writing questions and a ballot for a midseason report for the Philadelphia Phillies, the team was playing terrible baseball. After an 1-8 home stand, I set up a series of questions and a voting ballot for four members of the Phillies community to answer.

Yet, because of a few setbacks and other blocks in the road, the article was delayed. When all was cleared, only three of the writers had been able to contribute.

It got to a point where I doubted that posting the article would make sense, since the questions became outdated, largely due to the Phillies' improved play. Yet, I had a change of heart tonight and decided to go through with the article, even if a few of the issues in the questions have been solved.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is Roy Worth the Philadelphia Phillies' Future?

by Christian Karcole

Roy Halladay has long been one of my favorite pitchers in baseball.

Although he was not commonly known by the casual fan until these past few seasons (largely due to the fact he plays in Toronto), Halladay has been a consistent and talented pitcher his entire career.

Except for one major league season in which he posted an ERA of 10.64 in 13 starts and 19 overall appearances (that disaster was in 2000, his second full season), Halladay has only had an ERA above 4.00 one time, in 2004.

He was awarded with the American League Cy Young Award in 2003, and was a worthy candidate for the award in many of his other seasons, including this year.

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Philadelphia Phillies Must, Not Should, Acquire The Ace - Roy Halladay

by Tom Dougherty

Ken Rosenthal first reported yesterday that the Toronto Blue Jays will listen to offers about their stud ace, Roy Halladay, speculation started to fly around the sports world as if Brett Favre was considering a comeback.

ESPN picked it up and ran with it, Comcast Sportsnet ran with it as well. Just about every source for baseball did as well like they did last season with C.C. Sabathia.

This time last season, Sabathia was already traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. However for weeks prior to the blockbuster between the Cleveland Indians and the Brew Crew, there were rumours that he would land in one of eight different cities.

The Philadelphia Phillies were one of those teams, and were believed to be the front runners for his services for a long period of time. But they lacked major-league-ready prospects to offer to Cleveland.

Sabathia was eventually dealt to Milwaukee for Matt LaPorta, Rob Bryson, Taylor Green, and Zach Jackson.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Spring Break’s Over! It’s back to baseball and shopping for baseball gifts at my favorite MLB shop!

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Now that I think about it, there are a couple of guys I need to get some stuff for next week. I guess it’s off to the MLB shop for me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Without Ibanez, Philadelphia Phils' offense scuffling

By Todd Zolecki

Time has dragged for Phillies left fielder Raul Ibanez since he landed on the 15-day disabled list June 18 with a strained left groin.

The Philadelphia Phillies' offense has dragged, too.

Philadelphia entered Tuesday's series opener against Atlanta at Turner Field hitting just .237 with a .317 on-base percentage and a .395 slugging percentage in 10 games without Ibanez. The club has averaged 4.6 runs per game.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MLB - Baltimore Orioles at Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are still in first place in their division, but they are in a bit of a slump, losing 6 of their last 7, which included getting swept at home by the Blue Jays recently.

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2009 Philadelphia Phillies Trade Possibilities

by Schmitters

The Phillies are currently leading the National League East, but you wouldn't think they were based on their stats.

Their hitting has been good, yet it is sometimes inconsistent.

Their pitching has been nothing but inconsistent.

The worst part of it:

If the hitting is good, the pitching is bad.

If the pitching is good, the hitting is bad.

Heck, sometimes they're both bad! Yet never both good.

Their bullpen, the prized bullpen of Philly, has struggled. With Lidge gone, the bullpen is in need of help.

On the plus side, Ruben Amaro Jr is trying to correct these problems

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Hip surgery is hip thing among some stars in Baseball

By Seth Livingstone

Advanced medicine has made arthroscopic hip surgery an option for some of baseball's biggest names in recent months. Although all have progressed in timely fashion, the results have been mixed.

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Atlanta Braves - Philadelphia Phillies: Series Preview

by gondeee

The Philadelphia Phillies are coming to town to face our Atlanta Braves for the final three games of this last homestand before the All-Star break, so go ahead and start your online betting. As part of our ongoing series of series previews, I exchanged some questions with Peter Baker of the Phillies blog, The Good Phight.

One of the writers at The Good Phight, MattS, is also in the running for the Baseball Prospectus Idol contest. If you're a member of BP, then you can vote for who you think should win. Let's show our support, even for an enemy, and help MattS win the contest.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies looking for arms in tight market

By Todd Zolecki

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has been on his Blackberry incessantly in recent weeks.

He is looking for pitching help, and he is finding this year is much like previous years.

There isn't much out there.

"How many starting pitchers moved last year?" Amaro said Monday from his office at Citizens Bank Park. "Three?"

The Indians traded CC Sabathia to the Brewers, and the Athletics traded Joe Blanton to the Phillies and Rich Harden to the Cubs before last year's July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline.

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Jimmy Rollins ready to return Today

By George Winkler

Jimmy Rollins will be back atop the Phillies' lineup Today night -- .211 batting average, .254 on-base percentage and all. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, that's when Jimmy will return from his "mental break."

Jimmy Rollins has been out since Wednesday, when he committed a key defensive error by throwing to the wrong base. According to the report, that's when manager Charlie Manuel decided it was a good idea to give Jimmy Rollins some time off.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Phils might plug gap with 'electric' Carrasco

By Jim Salisbury

Minor-league pitching coaches file a report with their parent organization after every game.

On Friday night, Rod Nichols used superlatives in assessing righthander Carlos Carrasco's work.

"I used the word 'electric,' " Nichols, pitching coach for the Phillies' triple-A Lehigh Valley club, said yesterday. "His stuff was electric."

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Philadelphia Phillies end interleague play with 5-4 win in Toronto

Chase Utley keyed a four-run fourth inning with a two-run triple as Philadelphia completed 2009 Interleague play with a 5-4 win in Toronto.

Brad Lidge allowed the first two runners to reach base but was able to wiggle out of the jam for his first save since returning from the disabled list on Thursday. Jamie Moyer pitched five innings to even his record at 6-6 on the season.

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Orioles bounce back against Nats

The roller coaster ride that has been the 2009 season for the Baltimore Orioles continued this weekend, as the team rebounded from a terrible series with the Florida Marlins to take two of three against the rival Washington Nationals.

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Left shoulder strain sidelines Bastardo

Philadelphia Phillies rookie lefty to visit doctor in Philadelphia on Monday

As expected, Philadelphia rookie left-hander Antonio Bastardo will miss his next start, scheduled for Wednesday in Atlanta, due to a strained left shoulder, according to a team spokesman.

The 23-year-old Bastardo, who had posted a 6.75 ERA in five starts, is to meet with team doctor Michael Ciccotti in Philadelphia on Monday.

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Phillies beat up on Blue Jays

Mark Zwolinski

Brad Mills' stay in the big leagues had some common ground with his last two starts: they were both short.

Those two outings are the only starts of his fledgling major league career. They both came against the Philadelphia Phillies and unfortunately – for him – he was battered both times.

So, after a 10-0 washout to the Phillies Saturday in which Mills gave up eight runs, the Jays optioned him back to Class AAA Las Vegas.

Right now, the cold reality of his career is that he's better served in the minors where he can pitch without pressure and without the type of confidence-crushing moments that surfaced in Saturday's rout.

Philly right fielder and ex-Jay Jayson Werth got all – and we mean all – of a 2-2 pitch in the first inning. He sent it ridiculously high and far, putting it in the first row of the 500 level.

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Fan says Phillies pitcher assaulted him over steroids remark


A New Port Richey man says he was assaulted by a Philadelphia Philies player following Thursday's game against the Rays.

Robert Eaton, a 25-year-old father of two, said Phillies pitcher J.C. Romero grabbed him by the neck and pushed him after he made a comment about steroids.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Phils not panicking for good reason

By David Singh

Take one look at the Phillies' month-by-month records from last season, and you'll find something quite eerie.

During the last two weeks of June 2008, Philadelphia struggled mightily, dropping 11 of 14 games at one point.

Fast forward to the present, where the Phillies find themselves having lost 11 of their past 13 games near the end of June.

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Rays Out-Slug World Champion Phillies for Series Win

by JC De La Torre

I've never been one for moral victories. You either win or you lose.

A rematch of teams that met in a championship setting the previous season does not constitute a "revenge game" nor series.

The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2008 World Series—they have the rings. No series win in June the following season will avenge that.

Perhaps that's what Tampa Bay fans were telling their team when they decided to keep Tropicana Field half-full the majority of the series.

The Rays took two out of three games of the set to improve to four games over .500, pull within six of the first place Boston Red Sox and within two of the current wild card holder, the Evil Empire (the New York Yankees for those just now being introduced to my blog posts).

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MLB - Philadelphia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays

The ice cold Philadelphia Phillies must be hating interleague play right about now. They were pretty comfortable in the NL East before interleague play began, now they are just a half game up on the New York Mets with the Florida Marlins looming as well. The Blue Jays swept the Phillies about a week ago in Philadelphia and are hoping for more of the same now that they are in Toronto.

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Romero holds Phillies hitless for six innings

The Philadelphia Phillies held a closed-door meeting after losing for the 11th time in 13 games. The 20 minute session uncovered a lengthy list of problems but didn’t provide any solutions.

Ricky Romero held Philadelphia hitless for six innings and Aaron Hill hit a two-run double in the Toronto Blue Jays’ 6-1 victory over the slumping Phillies on Friday night.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Phillies injuries begin to mount as RP Condrey hits DL

by Patrick Gallen

In what has been a rough week for the Philadelphia Phillies, it just got a even worse.

As the Phils head to Tampa to face the Rays, they will do so without their workhorse in the bullpen, Clay Condrey. According to ESPN's Jayson Stark, Condrey joins Brad Lidge and Scott Eyre on the disabled list with an oblique strain.

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Philadelphia Phillies Mid-Season Report

by Steven Wynocker

The Philadelphia Phillies are in first place in National League East and are five games over .500, but the season has been more disappointing than thrilling.

They are currently riding a six-game losing streak and now head into Tampa for a World Series rematch with the American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays. With a few weeks to go before the mid-summer classic, let's look at a mid-season report on the reigning World Series Champions.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer gives back with Camp Erin

Erin Metcalf was thrilled almost speechless when she went to dinner with Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen, during spring training in 1998. For a 15-year-old to be rendered speechless ...

The Seattle Mariners were her team, and Jamie Moyer was their star pitcher, coming off a 17-5 season.

Erin's cheerful, gracious demeanor in the face of a terribly tough break in her life left a lasting impression.

"She was down in Arizona through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, just a delightful young lady, and we got to know her and her family quite well," Moyer recalls.
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World Champion Philadelphia Phillies score over $10.2 Million for charity!

Even after their season ends with a World Series win, the Philadelphia Phillies continue the magic. Throughout the year, members of this thoughtful and dedicated organization donate time, money, and heart to making things better for people in need. A quick glance at their ‘community calendar’ is dizzying, as these heroes work tirelessly for what they believe in.

Here’s a quick glance at just part of their Summer Charity Schedule:

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Philadelphia Phillies Commentary: Raul Ibanez

by Kevin McGuire

Is Raul Ibanez on steroids?

That is the question that many fans have quietly wondered to themselves, hoping that the answer would be negative. The truth is we will never know for sure unless a test is made public. Under the current drug testing policy in baseball, there is no reason to suspect that everybody is clean.

I believe Ibanez to be clean and one of the hardest working players on the Phillies. I believe that Ibanez is a class act and has made himself to be a great role model for kids learning to play the game of baseball.

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New York Mets' Mike Pelfrey has heated exchange with Philadelphia Phillies' Chase Utley

After Utley stepped out of the batter's box on a 2-1 count, Pelfrey yelled at him to hurry up and "get in the box" — or at least that was the sanitized version Pelfrey gave afterward.
"A guy with an attitude."

Pelfrey had a testy exchange with Utley during the sixth inning of the Mets' 5-4, 11-inning loss at Citi Field. And now here was Pelfrey, barking at Philadelphia's Chase Utley, showing the same kind of fiery competitiveness.

That's what you want to see," Santana said. It was only a few weeks ago that Santana had heated words for Boston's Kevin Youkilis during a game at Fenway Park.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sitka pitcher drafted by the Phillies


A year ago, Sitka's Matt Way said no way to Major League Baseball.

He decided he was better off staying in college and pitching another season at Washington State.

And he was right: Way turned in a record-setting season as a senior, the Cougars ended a long playoff drought -- and the majors came calling again.

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New York Mets lose to Phillies, 5-4, after 11th inning home run

by Andy McCullough

Chase Utley cranked an 11th inning home run, his second of the night, off reliever Bobby Parnell to lead the Phillies to a 5-4 win over the Mets Tuesday night in front of 38,723 fans at Citi Field.

Parnell (2-1, 2.25 ERA) got the loss, while Phillies reliever Chan Ho Park (2-1, 6.50 ERA) got the win. Ryan Madson pitched a one-two-three inning in the bottom of the 11th to close out the game.

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New York Mets square off with chatty Philadelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels

For the first time since Cole Hamels called them "choke artists" last December, the Mets will face off against the reigning World Series MVP tonight.

"We have to beat him," said Mets center fielder Carlos Beltran. "That's the way we have to approach him. We have to go out and score runs and win a ballgame. The most important thing is winning, and that's what we have to do."

Hamels (4-2, 4.40 ERA) faces Mike Pelfrey (4-2, 4.85 ERA) in the middle round of a three-game set between the National League East rivals. The Mets won last night, 6-5, to pull within two games of the Phils for the division lead.

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Philadelphia Phillies place Lidge on DL

The Philadelphia Phillies have placed closer Brad Lidge on the 15-day disabled list because of a sprained right knee.

The move is retroactive to June 7.

Lidge has a record of 0-3 with 13 saves and a lofty 7.27 earned run average in 28 relief appearances this season. He was perfect in 41 save opportunities last year, but has blown six of his 19 chances in 2009.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Ten Greatest Players the Philadelphia Phillies Let Get Away

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the greatest teams in baseball today.

However, they weren't always as good as they are now due to many poor trades, missed opportunities and terrible decisions that helped make them become the last place team they used to be.

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Will Philadelphia Phillies Trade for a Starter? Maybe Not

by Shawn Caswell

Phillies LHP Antonio Bastardo was a pleasant surprise this week posting a 2-0 record, a 2.45 ERA, and a 9/2 K/BB ratio. He defeated Jake Peavy, who was apparently struck with illness after giving up 4 runs, hmmm?

Then he defeated former Phillie Randy Wolf. Not too shabby. He can thank his offense for giving him support both games, but he pitched well as his starts show. Considering he started in AA as a reliever this season Bastardo has looked like a viable option to hang around for a while, but will he?

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Phillies Earn Tough Split against NL-Leading Dodgers

by Scott Eisenlohr

It's been an eventful week for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Cole Hamels pitched a five-hit complete game shutout victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday, and the Phillies moved to a season-high 32-20 record. They took a four-game lead over the New York Mets in the NL East.

Phillies fans who write for Bleacher Report began to chatter. Me? My story was “Philadelphia Phillies Making Own Breaks on Way to Third Straight NL East Crown.”

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Philadelphia Phillies All-Stars, Yes or No?

by Patrick Gallen

Ryan Howard: YES. The Big Guy hasn’t been to the Midsummer Classic since his MVP season of 2006. This year, he deserves another trip. While he is still striking out a ton (68 k’s in 220 at-bats) his power numbers remain among the games best. Howard has 17 home runs and 47 RBI, both good for fourth best in the NL. Albert Pujols is a given as the starter, but Howard, along with Adrian Gonzalez of the San Diego Padres, should be there as well.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Your Former Philadelphia Phillies American League All-Star Squad

by Kevin McGuire

While at a Phillies game with the guys from On the DL Podcast last weekend, we were discussing the All-Star ballot. The idea of voting for former Phillies in the American League came up and we all started to analyze the AL ballot to see if it was possible to vote for a former Phillie at each position.

Turns out the idea was not so far-fetched.

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Top 10 Prospects in the Philadelphia Phillies' Organization

The Philadelphia Phillies have a nice young nucleus filled with players ready to step up when called upon. This year, the young guns have stepped up and delivered in clutch situations.

So, how better to get to know these guys than a slide show to break down the top 10 most promising prospects in the organization.

Are the Philadelphia Phillies Now Interested in Brad Penny?

by Anthony Emerson

The Brad Penny rumors just keep coming. Two days ago, he was supposed to go to the Atlanta Braves for Jeff Francouer. Now, apparently the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies for the Phillies top infield prospect Jason Donald.

Donald was a bronze medal winner with Team USA in the Beijing Olympics of 2008. Penny lost in his last start, leaving him at 5-2, and a 5.85 ERA. Donald has been off to a pretty slow start in the minors this season, but would the Phillies really trade one of their top prospects for the hefty right-hander Penny?

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect father's day gift ideas, June 21

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Taylor, Bastardo honored by Phils

Michael Taylor and Antonio Bastardo have been named the Philadelphia Phillies Player and Pitcher of the Month for May.

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Phillies on the Market for Pitching Help

by Tortured Phanatic

Overshadowed by their recent 7-game winning streak is the fact that the Philadelphia Phillies are on the market for a desperately needed starting pitcher. The recent injury and possible season-ending surgery to starter Brett Myers has left a hole in the rotation that the Phillies need to fill if they are going to successfully defend their World Series title.

Lots of speculation has been running rampant about who the Phillies are interested in acquiring. There is Jake Peavy, who the Padres have been trying to unload since the offseason, Erik Bedard, and, more recently, rumors of Roy Oswalt have popped up.

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MLB Merchandise

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Short Hops: Phillies winning without Myers, but void still must be filled

By Scott Miller

Short hops, quick pops and backhand stops:

• Talk about answering a challenge: The Philadelphia Phillies are 7-0 since starter Brett Myers was forced to leave the May 27 game against Florida and subsequently was ticketed for hip surgery that will put him out for the season.

Granted, the winning streak has been built against the incomprehensibly bad Washington Nationals and a weak San Diego club. Still, wins are wins, and the Phillies -- notorious in recent years for their slow starts -- have built a three-game NL East lead over an ailing New York Mets club (Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes and Ryan Church all are out, the news on Reyes' hamstring isn't great and Carlos Beltran was violently ill earlier this week).

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hamels, Phillies beat Dodgers 3-0

Cole Hamels turned in another dominating performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers, pitching a five-hitter for his third career shutout, and the Philadelphia Phillies extended their winning streak to seven games with a 3-0 victory Thursday night.

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Phillies Making Own Breaks Toward Third Straight NL East Crown

by Scott Eisenlohr

When the Philadelphia Phillies beat the San Diego Padres 10-5 on Tuesday night, a couple important things happened.

The Phils went 10 games over .500 at 30-20 and 2 1/2 game lead over the New York Mets in the National League East. Certainly the race in the NL East is not over by a long shot. But temporarily, it gave the Phillies some breathing room from the week-to-week flip flop with the Mets.

The Phils followed up with a win the following night against the Padres, 5-1. The lead widened to three games, as the Mets got rained out Wednesday.

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Phillies Post-World Series Future Bright

by Chris May

The Philadelphia Phillies future is brighter than ever. With one championship already under their belt, Cole Hamels wasn’t kidding when he said he expects to be able to have a parade year after year after year.

With the bulk of the current core of stars all signed through the 2011 season this team is a legitimate threat to make another run at a World Series for years to come.

But that’s not what makes the Phillies future so bright necessarily. Just as they did with the current team of homegrown talent that includes everyday players Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Carlos Ruiz as well as pitchers Cole Hamels, JA Happ and Ryan Madson, the team looks like they have a second wave of core players emerging in the minor leagues.

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6/4 - 6/7: Philadelphia Phillies @ LA Dodgers


Philadelphia Phillies (31-20, 1st in NL East) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (37-18, 1st in NL West)

LHP Cole Hammels (3-2, 5.21 ERA) @ LHP Clayton Kershaw (3-3, 4.34 ERA)

Cole Hammels:
Last Start (5/30 vs. WAS): 6.0 IP, 6 ER, 8 H (1 HR), 1 BB, 7 K, WIN
On the Road: 1-1, 6.89 ERA, 1.72 WHIP (3 Starts)
Career vs. LAD: 1-0, 2.14 ERA, 0.95 WHIP (3 Starts)

Clayton Kershaw:
Last Start (5/27 @ COL): 6.0 IP, 3 ER, 4 H (1 HR), 4 BB, 4 K, WIN
At Home: 1-0, 1.13 ERA, 0.96 WHIP (4 Starts)
Career vs. PHI: 0-2, 7.80 ERA, 1.67 WHIP (3 Starts)

Last 10:
PHI (8-2)
LAD (7-3)

Season Series: LAD (2-1)

Projected PHI Lineup vs. Kershaw:
1. SS Jimmy Rollins: 3-8 (.375), .444 OBP, 1 2B
2. CF Shane Victorino: 1-8 (.125), 0 BB, 2 K
3. 2B Chase Utley: 2-7 (.286), .444 OBP, 1 HR, 3 K
4. 1B Ryan Howard: 1-7 (.143), .333 OBP, 1 2B, 3 K
5. LF Raul Ibanez: 1-2, 1 2B, 1 K
6. RF Jayson Werth: 2-8 (.250), 0 BB, 2 K
7. 3B Pedro Feliz: 1-2, 2 BB
8. C Carlos Ruiz: 0-1, 1 BB

C Chris Coste: 1-4, 1 BB, 2 K

Projected LAD Lineup vs. Hammels:
1. LF Juan Pierre: 2-8 (.250), 0 BB, 1 2B
2. SS Rafael Furcal: 1-3, 1 K
3. 3B Casey Blake: 4-11 (.364), .417 OBP, 1 2B
4. 1B James Loney: 2-9 (.222), 0 BB, 1 2B, 1 HR, 1 K
5. C Russell Martin: 3-8 (.375), .444 OBP, 1 HR, 2 K
6. RF Andre Ethier: 0-7, 2 K
7. CF Matt Kemp: 3-9 (.333), 0 BB, 1 2B, 4 K
8. 2B Juan Castro: 0-4, 1 BB, 1 K

IF Mark Loretta: 1-3
2B Orlando Hudson (not probable): 2-9 (.222), 1 2B, 3 K
OF Jamie Hoffmann: Never faced

Chase Utley: 8-game hit streak (.333), 6 BB, 2 2B, 1 HR, 7 R, 5 RBI, 1 K, 2 SB
Ryan Howard: Hit in 9 out of last 10 games (.325), 3 2B, 1 3B, 6 HR, 15 RBI, 8 R, 5 BB, 1 SB

Jayson Werth: 2 for his last 12, 0 XBH
Pedro Feliz: 3 for his last 17, 0 BB, 0 R, 0 XBH

Andre Ethier: Hit in 7 of his last 8 games (.333), 3 2B, 1 HR
Matt Kemp: 8-game hit streak (.444), 3 BB, 1 2B, 2 HR, 5 R, 3 SB

Casey Blake: 2 for his last 14, 0 XBH, 0 R
Rafael Furcal: 0 for his last 7, 1 BB, 3 K

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies: Say No To Penny, Glavine and Padilla

by Tom

The Philadelphia Phillies are looking everywhere for a starting pitcher (as if that's a surprise to anyone) and they are looking at the top-of-the-rotation to end-of-the-rotation guys.

Names like Erik Bedard, Roy Oswalt, and Jake Peavy have been linked to the Phillies in the last week or so, but the lower-end pitchers have also been somehow linked with the Phillies.

With Brett Myers season likely over after hip surgery, the Phillies are in need for another pitcher, preferably a top-of-the-rotation guy. However, they have been also looking at a middle-to-low guy as well.

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Romero back with Phillies after 50-game suspension

Reliever J.C. Romero returned to the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday night following his 50-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance.

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Philadelphia Phillies: Meet the New and Improved Bullpen

by Kevin McGuire

The Phillies are now 30-20 and have their largest lead in the NL East race of the season at 2.5 games.

Raul Ibanez is playing like a freaking machine, Ryan Howard is heating up, Antonio Bastardo just had a brilliant debut, Brad Lidge had four saves in four games and Cole Hamels is pitching like Cole Hamels.

Can you believe that this team is about to get better, without having made any trades yet?

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Philadelphia Phillies' finest .. The Sultan of Swat, Raul Ibanez

by Michael Blouse

Raaauuuuuuuuuul! I realize I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but first-year Philadelphia Phillie Raul Ibanez is The Man!

To heck with A-Rod, Man-Ram and Albert. The best hitter, bar none, in Major League Baseball this season is an underappreciated (especially to fans on the East Coast) 37-year-old outfielder.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Phillies Notebook: Calculating how Peavy would fit in with Phillies


With his tender ankle still undergoing treatment and a looming start occupying his undivided attention, Padres righthander Jake Peavy said through a team spokesman yesterday that he would not discuss his trade availability with Philadelphia reporters until after he pitches tonight against the Phillies.

So, for at least 1 more day, the question remains unanswered:

Would the Phillies qualify as the type of National League contender he wants to pitch for? Or, as most baseball insiders believe, would the roughly 3,000 miles between Philadelphia and Peavy's home in Southern California, not to mention the cozy dimensions of Citizens Bank Park, preclude them from consideration?

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Phillies end Padres' home streak at 10

San Diego, CA (Sports Network) - Ryan Howard and Chase Utley blasted back-to- back homers in the fifth inning, and Joe Blanton pitched seven strong innings, as the Philadelphia Phillies continued their road success with a 5-3 victory over the Padres, snapping San Diego's 10-game home winning streak.

Howard and Utley hit their 15th and 12th homers of the season, respectively, for the Phillies, who won their fourth straight game and improved their MLB- best road record to 17-6. Blanton (4-3) allowed three runs on six hits with a walk and five strikeouts to win his third straight decision.

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Philidelphia Phillies Need To Stop Playing Guardian

by Chris DiFrancesco

When you look at the Philadelphia Phillies this season, you notice a few things.

One, they are the defending World Champions. Two, their payroll went upwards of around $35 million. Three, they are too protective of their young prospects.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but maybe some have noticed that the Phillies are looking like the New York Yankees right now—just much more likeable and marketable.

Let me explain what I mean.

It looks like the Phillies just lost their number two starting pitcher, Brett Myers, for the rest of the season, but they needed another quality starter two weeks ago.

Now it's become a dire necessity.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phillies-Nats: Brad Lidge Goes Clean While Jayson Werth Soils His Drawers

by Flattish Poe

Praise Pete the Phils won. I couldn’t take anymore of my day.

First, I had to drive my husband eighty miles north so he could catch a bus to ride eighty miles back to Philly to see the game with thirty people who drink so infrequently they would forget their native tongue by the ninth inning.

Why do they do this?

Sometimes there is nothing but a stupid question.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Antonio Bastardo: The Phillies' Most Coveted Pitcher Not Named Carlos Carrasco

by Chuck Porter Jr

Make no mistake about it, the Phillies are in the market for a pitcher.

Cole Hamels aside, their rotation is a mess; Brett Myers might be heading for the DL, Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton have a combined ERA of 6.75, and J.A. Happ is largely unproven. Meanwhile, reports suggest that GM Ruben Amaro Jr. has been very busy talking with other clubs about acquiring a starter.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies' Jimmy Rollins Gets 1,500th Hit and 300th Stolen Base

by Claire Reclosado

Bay Area native Jimmy Rollins led the Philadelphia Phillies with four hits in the team’s 12-5 win over the Cincinnati Reds. The win was three times sweeter as he also reached two big milestones in his career—his 1,500th hit and 300th stolen base.

Those who watched Rollins during his years in Alameda knew he was destined to make an impact in the Major League. The 1996 graduate of Encinal High School set 10 school career records—including stolen bases (99)—so seeing him reach 300 was expected.

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Editorial: Kalas’ legacy extends far beyond golden voice

It has been six weeks since Philadelphia Phillies fans lost the voice that defined their team for 38 years.

Announcer Harry Kalas collapsed in the press box at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on April 13 at 12:20 p.m. and was pronounced dead an hour later. His heart just finally gave out.

Since then, stories have surfaced about just how much heart the revered broadcaster had. It seems Kalas exhibited kindness to almost anyone he encountered, whether he was recording a radio announcement for a community theater’s show or chatting about former Phillies players with a worker at his local convenience store.

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Now, if only J.C. Romero could start for the Phillies

Patrick Gallen

It’s like cleaning out your closet and finding an unopened gift from Christmas in March.

Or, finding $20 in an old pair of pants you haven’t worn in a while.

Whatever the case may be, the Phillies will be receiving a small present on, or around, June 3. That’s when left hander J.C. Romero will be rejoining the Philadelphia Phillies after his 50-game suspension expires. Romero was suspended during the off-season for taking a substance banned by Major League Baseball.

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Philadelphia Phillies: No Butts About It...No Intensity

by Flattish Poe

A-Rod was back in Texas for the first time since his admission. Alex said he loves Texas; he has a lot of friends and support there.

Those supporters chose to encourage him with boo’s.

And it worked. He went 5-for-5 in a 19-hit slugfest that scored 11 runs and squelched the Rangers to one.

Take that, supporters.

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