Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phillies' 2009 Midseason Review

by Christian Karcole

Nearly two weeks prior to my writing questions and a ballot for a midseason report for the Philadelphia Phillies, the team was playing terrible baseball. After an 1-8 home stand, I set up a series of questions and a voting ballot for four members of the Phillies community to answer.

Yet, because of a few setbacks and other blocks in the road, the article was delayed. When all was cleared, only three of the writers had been able to contribute.

It got to a point where I doubted that posting the article would make sense, since the questions became outdated, largely due to the Phillies' improved play. Yet, I had a change of heart tonight and decided to go through with the article, even if a few of the issues in the questions have been solved.

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