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Philadelphia Phillies MLB Gifts

Philadelphia Phillies Gifts

Amongst our lavish series of Phillies gifts, there are various disparate products available, ranging from home décor, to replica jerseys. In addition, there are a host of commemorative pieces as well as items of memorabilia. At DHF we cater for all your Phillies needs!

Phillies Valentine’s gifts

Display your affections this Valentines with any of our Phillies Valentine's gifts. In order to focus on your love affair with the Phillies you must take into account your loved ones this February 14th, and what better way than with any of the following, awesome gift ideas:

  • Phillies 'I Heart P' 1/2inch Enameled Pendant - Let everybody know which team has your heart, quite literally with this 14K gold, sterling silver and gold plated silver pendant, cast from precious metals with a hand crafted finish.

  • Phillies 'I Heart P' 3/4inch Pendant - Also available in 14K gold, sterling, silver, gold plated silver, and cast from precious metals by hand, this larger pendant is perhaps the perfect gift for the lady in your life, expressing your love for a special woman, and secretly doubling her up as a walking endorsement for the beloved Phillies. However, perhaps that is between us at DHF and yourself.

  • Phillies Portrait Picture Frame – A photo of you and your partner together is perhaps one of the most romantic mementoes. Furthermore, why not add the finishing touches to the portrait with a beautiful Phillies landscape, matted photo frame, comprised of genuine Phillies colors and logo. Made with a gorgeous stained wooden design, and measuring at 10 inches tall, and 8 inches wide, this is perhaps the ideal gift this Valentines. Alternatively, they say a picture tells a thousand stories, and why not tell the tale of your passion for the Phillies with a picture of your favorite player?

Phillies Collectable memorabilia - Philadelphia Phillies Merchandise

Any real fan has a healthy collection of Phillies memorabilia and at Die Hard Fans we have an awesome range of products available including the:

Phillies Tradition Pennant – A must have for any Phillies fan, the awesome Phillies MLB traditions pennant is hand crafted, and perfected for the wall of any Phillies supporter.

In addition, our replica jerseys are perhaps the closest that many hard core fans will get to being a player, and what better way to show your support for the beloved Phillies. Furthermore, why not purchase our Ryan Hardy replica jersey. The button down front shirt is consists of authentic lettering and Phillies logo. 100% polyester the replica jersey is complete with each major player’s name.

We have a number of other authentic jerseys including:

  • Philadelphia Phillies Home White/Scarlet Replica Jersey- With white mesh and 100% polyester.

  • Philadelphia Phillies Road Grey Replica Jersey – Officially licensed by MLB
  • Philadelphia Phillies Cooperstown Throwback Fan Replica Jersey –This royal blue shirt with official logo and lettering is made of 100% Polly/cotton.

Phillies Decorative Ornaments – MLB Shop

The home of a Phillies fan is his or her MLB castle, and the only way to decorate in homage of the greatest team is through any of our range of cool products, including:

Phillies Table Tiffany Lamp – Shed some light on your passion for the Phillies, with this certified, authentic Philadelphia Phillies stained glass lamp, standing at over two feet tall (14 inches). This statuesque decorative ornament is the perfect addition to any living room. Consisting of the Phillies team colors and logo the product is crafted in stunning detail.

Phillies 12 inch art glass clock – With this quirky product, you will always have time for the Phillies in your house. Made with a hologram like glass, the product also features the official Phillies logo. With intricately designed hands and measuring at 12 inches in diameter, this piece can be used to decorate any office.

Phillies MLB gift ideas – MLB Merchandise

At Die Hard Fans we have a whole host of products available for purchase, either as gifts for loved ones. Our gift ideas range from home decorations, children’s toys, office decorative items to jerseys. Following Valentines traditions, take your loved ones out, wine, perhaps dine, and when the moment is right, gift them with any one of our gorgeous, top quality and value for money products. Our prices are extremely affordable. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you can befit from any of our Phillies MLB gift ideas and suggestions, including the following:
  • Phillies 'I Heart P' 1/2inch Enameled Pendant - Express, quite literally with this 14K gold, sterling silver and gold plated silver pendant, cast from precious metals with a hand crafted finish. Perhaps the perfect present for the special person in your life, and possibly an even greater way to display your passion for the great team on the planet, the Phillies!

  • Philadelphia Phillies Personalized Youth Pinstripe Replica Jersey – Perhaps the ideal gift for any young Phillies fan, you can place their name at the back of the jersey. Made from 100% polyester, the replica shirt incorporates the official Phillies logo and team colors. The ideal gift for any youngster to wear on the field, or perhaps to impress their buddies.
  • Patriots Logo Pendant – In addition to our copious range of Phillies MLB Gift ideas, this cool pendant is sure to score you extra points this Valentines. Engraved in 3D detail, this product is also one of our many awesome sports memorabilia’s.

A Phillies fan is a true fan and at DHF we have an extensive range of Phillies MLB Gift Ideas, including :

Phillies Polyester Woven Tie – A perfect gift for the gentleman Phillies fan. With its Woven design, this piece if Phillies sports memorabilia can be work on match days or perhaps to dinner. Its smart and stylish design allows for flexibility.

  • Phillies Embroided Appliqué Twin Headboard - Crafted to perfection, this officially licensed Philadelphia Phillies headboard allows you to ‘sleep with the Phillies’ and dream of your passion. Complete with official team colors and logo, the soft cushioning makes it the ideal addition to the bedroom of a young Phillies fan. This item sits at the top end of our cool sports memorabilia’s and awesome MLB Phillies gift ideas.

We have a host of NFL gifts, readily available for purchase online, and all at affordable prices. Great NFL gifts online include:

The Highland Mint Commerative set – This 24kt gold super bowl XI flip coins serve to commemorate each and every super bowl of years gone by. Each coin is individually numbered, featuring the Super Bowl logo, with the year and date of the event. Undoubtedly a valuable collectable for the future, the product is essentially a combination of a gorgeous mirrored and frosted finish.

Manning Generations Photo Mint - The Highland Mint presents the Manning Generations, a gorgeous and decorative commemoration of the Manning football family, with a limited edition photo featuring Archie, Peyton and Eli, with doubled matted design with pigskin, framed alongside the respective team coins. This extremely artistic piece measures at 8x10 and is one of the more popular NFL gifts that are available online for purchase. In addition, this member of the NFL Football Team logo accessories.

Furthermore, we have an extensive range of NFL football team accessories available online, including a large number of Valentines gifts. These include:

  • Cardinals 'I Heart Card Head'.5inch Enameled Pendant – Perhaps treat the lady in your life with this stylish NFL Football team logo accessory in the form of the Cardinals 5inch enameled pendant. From LogoArt, available in 14K Gold, sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, the gorgeous detail and finish adds a real touch of finesse. Perfect for match of days or simply an accessory, this cheeky homage to one of the greatest teams to play on God’s green acre, doubles up as the ideal gift this valentines.

  • Patriots 4 in 1 Jewelry box – would you like to see a little less jewelry scattered around the bedroom? Are your partner’s possessions beginning to swallow the room, then why not purchase this gorgeous 4 in 1 jewelry box this Valentines? The product doubles up as a direct solution for your storage woes, as well as a gorgeous gift for the lady in your life. The ‘King’ themed box has been finely crafted, and incorporates a plate, that displays a red heart with the King’s iconic signature, thus making it a value for money NFL football logo accessory. Lined with a beautiful soft material, this gift is not only stylish, but extremely efficient in terms of functionality, with a removable jewelry tray including a specifically designed ring section.

  • Patriots Flashing earrings – Why not leave her grinning from ear to ear with these fantastically gorgeous Patriots earrings. Ideal as a gift this valentines and yet another sneaky way to show your own support for the one and only Patriots, through the one and only lady in your life!

At DHF, customers are spoiled for choice in terms of NFL Valentine’s gifts, including an array of Sports Charms and Jewelry and NFL Football Team Logo Fashion Accessories including:

  • Raiders Logo Pendant - Engraved beautifully in 3D, this cool pendant is a popular item in our range of Sports Charms and Jewelry. A subtle but effective way to show how much you care this valentines, the sports fan in your life are bound to love this one, leaving you to score big this Valentines!

  • Eagles Pewter Pendant & Earrings – This cool double whammy set, incorporating Sports Charms and Jewelry, is the perfect NFL Valentines gifts, readily available online for purchase. Perhaps you are buying for the man in your life, thus allowing him to show his support for the Eagles. In addition, the Eagles Pewter Pendant with Leather necklace and Earrings set, is comprised of enameled zinc, and shaped in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles emblem. This cool NFL Football team logo accessory also adorns the official team colors making it the ideal Valentines gift ideas.

  • Giants Leather Necklace & Pewter Pendant – This officially licensed New York Giants Leather Necklace & Pewter Pendant is basic yet effective in terms of your display of support for the one and only New York Giants. Are you getting it in the neck from your partner about the amount of attention you are paying to NFL, then simply put it on her neck, and give her this gorgeous item comprised of sports charms and jewelry and score some real points this coming Valentines.

  • Raiders Player Series watch – Have the time of your life this coming Raiders game, with the all new Raiders player series watch. Fully licensed, the Oakland Raiders player series watch is comprised of top quality chrome, featuring the official Oakland Raiders logo toward the middle of the watch face. Complete with leather band, this watch allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve through the watch upon your wrist. Perhaps an ideal gift for the avid Raiders fan in your life this valentines, these NFL Football Team Logo accessories are the ideal Valentines gift ideas. In addition, the product features :

.Officially Licensed Team Logo and Colors

• Leather Strap – for secure comfort

• Citizen Quartz movement

• Water Resistant to 3 ATM

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Furthermore, additional Valentines gift ideas include:

  • Broncos ‘I Heart Logo’ ¾ Inch Pendant – With Valentines around the corner, show the love of your life how much you care. Of course you can’t buy the Broncos a present, but the next best thing would be to purchase this gorgeous pendant for your loved one. Allow her to display your passion for the Broncos, while you show your love for her. Available in 14K Gold, 10K Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated sterling silver, this awesome product within the copious sports charms and jewelry is the ideal gift.

  • Redskins Logo Heart Pendant – Also available in 10K Gold, 14K Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Sterling silver, this NFL Football team Logo accessory is perfect for any avid NFL fan, and at such a competitive price, they are guaranteed to touch down this Valentines, scoring maximum points for loved ones.

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