Monday, March 9, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training News Update

By Shay Roddy

Is Ruiz hurt?

Carlos Ruiz was injured in Panama’s World Baseball Classic game yesterday. Although no official word has been released, sources tell me it could be a pinched nerve in Ruiz’s neck.

Panama manager Hector Lopez met the media yesterday and said, “Well, let’s see. We have to wait until tomorrow to see what the doctor says.”

If Ruiz is hurt it would add another reason onto the rapidly growing list of reasons the World Baseball “Classic” is poorly planned. The timing of the event inhibits players to prepare for the season in the best way possible. Now we have people getting hurt.


Phils Swept in Double Header:

The Phillies lost both games of their Friday night double header. In the night cap, Chan Ho Park pitched and surrendered just one run in four innings, striking out four and walking none. Geoff Jenkins contributed all three RBI with a two-run double in the fourth and a sacrafice fly in the sixth.

In the early game, Brett Myers was touched for five earned runs in three innings, yielding homers to Scott Rolen and Kevin Millar. Myers was working on his changeup, which he used only seven percent of the time last season, according to Jason Weitzel’s 2009 Phillies Annual.



Kyle Kendrick pitched Wednesday against Team USA. Kendrick’s line (2-2/3 innings, 5 hits, 4 ER) appears worse than how he actually pitched. Team USA got to him in the third with a series of well-placed singles and a wind-blown home run to left by Chipper Jones. He was also hurt by some sloppy fielding, with the Phillies committing three errors, including two by Ryan Howard.

Kendrick showed little professional composure, which is where the real trouble lies for pitching coach Rich Dubee. Dubee stated Kendrick's reactions were “poor” and “unacceptable.”

Here’s our updated chart: (Updated 3/7/09 10:00 AM)


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