Thursday, March 12, 2009

Phillies/Mets Rivalry Continues to Heat Up, Be Hilarious

As Spring Training season labors on the fans of the WFC Philadelphia Phillies and the ‘7 in 17′ New York Mets continue to trade barbs in a concerned effort to pass the time. Perhaps, come May, the rivalry itself will heat back up but for now it seems kind of nice to sit back and enjoy the tongue-in-cheek meta rivalry this one is turning into.

Over at the Perpetual Post Howard Megdal (backing the Mets) and Dave Tomar (a Phillies’ fan) offer the latest.

Money quotes:

Maybe I’m asking too much of a city whose major victories prior to 2008 were the time they didn’t suffer from angina for a whole day, and the advent of the witticism known outside of Philadelphia as “grabbing one’s crotch in reply”. Perhaps a team that only wins world championships twice every 125 years can’t be expected to celebrate in its own right, and instead needs constant comparison to New York, a city with more of a thriving arts and culture scene in the rubble around Ground Zero than in the entire Philadelphia city limits (even including Manayunk, so named for the derisive snorting sound a Philadelphia citizen makes when you suggest heading to an art museum).

heh. And the rebuttal:

Ahh the New York Mets. Is there a classier organization in baseball?

At a time when most New Yorkers were smoking crack, Daryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden had the urbane sensibility to snort cocaine.

honestly I think Megdal probably takes this round - calling Philly out on the ol ‘crotch grab as definitive argument’ move is probably a little more apt of a call than we’d like to admit - but both sides are worth a read and, for now, it’s a pleasure to see this type of fun-loving back and forth. … Especially because our city is still wearing the rings.

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